Saturday, 6 July 2013


Everybody asks......will you do it again? Mmmmmm, today is the very first morning without puppy squeaks and squeals and yes it's quiet. Little Miss Turquoise went to her forever family yesterday. 

I really can't answer that yet, it's too soon and it really does depend on how our lovely Bella recovers after the whole experience. Ten puppies was a huge litter for her to feed and nurture and my poor girl is skin and bone.

From our point of view it was incredibly hard work for a brief few weeks, Bella pretty much did everything until that last 4 weeks of intensive weaning and poop scooping! Did we enjoy it? Overwhelmingly YES!

The best bits?

  • The incredible changes in such a short time.
  • 10 pairs of eyes watching everything we did
  • Watching little tails curling over into that "doodle" pose 
  • seeing them rough and tumble together, chewing ears and tails 
  • watching them sleep
  • calling "puppy, puppy" and seeing them rush down the garden to me, all excited 
  • seeing personalities develop from the litter into individuals
  • meeting (and vetting) prospective families, and seeing such joy as we handed them over
  • feeling warm soft tummies and fluffy doodle cuddles

So do I miss them this morning? Yes, undoubtedly, so watch this space peeps, and we'll see.....