Friday, 20 June 2014

Introducing........our new, gorgeous puppies!

4 days old already, time for the spotlight!

Introducing Mr Blue

Golden Chunky Wavy coat

Introducing Mr Red

Golden Smooth coat (like Bella)

Introducing Mr Yellow

Chocolate Brown Wavy coat

Introducing Mr Green

Curly coated Golden

Introducing Mrs Lime Green

Cream Smooth coat

Introducing Mr Orange

Cream Smooth / wavy coat
Introducing Mr Purple

Cream / Golden curly coat
Introducing Mrs White

Golden Curly coat

Introducing Mrs Black

Beautiful Curly Golden coat

Introducing Mr Brown

Gorgeous curly golden coat

Introducing Miss Pink

Petite feisty curly golden
Were they worth waiting for? Bella thinks so! And so do we!

Please comment on these pictures and let us know if anyone is out there.

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Introducing Mr Green

Monday, 16 June 2014

Drumroll Please ........ The pups have arrived, right on time

Right on Time!

11 pups, all doing well born on 16th June to Bella at Shirleygoldendoodles!

We have 7 boys and 4 lovely girls, all strong, healthy and feeding well.

Finally Bella has laid down her head and is catching up on the Zzzzz. Each pup has been licked clean within an inch of it's life. What a brilliant mum. It's been a long night but an exciting one. More news later when I've caught up on some sleep too.