Wednesday, 3 April 2013

After a strange few days where Bella went right off her food and worried me silly she seems to have picked up again. I have never been overly fussy about feeding the dogs we found a brand we liked (and could just afford) that kept them in good condition and weight stable - James Wellbeloved Lamb and rice, and stuck pretty much to it. Bella has always been keen on her food before,  usually finishing way before Maya. But suddenly she refused to eat it at all.

I consulted the vet who suggested boiled chicken and rice, and not to worry. So 7 o'clock in the morning found me cooking especially for her, and would you believe it the little madam ate it all. So for 5 days now I've been gradually increasing her own JWB in with rice and chicken until today when she seems to have accepted things are back to normal! Hormones, morning sickness, who knows? Dogs can't tell you can they?

Always affectionate, Bella has been positively needy now she's pregnant and every time I sit down now, her chin is placed upon my knee, eyes burning into mine as if to say "What is happening?" - And don't tell my OH but when he's out she'll even get up onto the sofa with me for a real cuddle. Yes, we decided that our dogs are dogs and don't need to sit anywhere but the floor - but what harm does it do once in a while! My grown up children used to post pictures on their FB to show the doodles on the sofa whenever we went away - so the precedent has been set now.

It seems incredible that in exactly 4 weeks from now she'll be a mummy and we'll have puppies in the house. Doesn't seem that long ago that she was our puppy!

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