Friday, 10 May 2013

One week old!

Amazingly we are one week in! Bella and all the puppies are doing really well, eating and sleeping in equal quantities! Our little scraps have grown and are all over 1lb in weight now with the exception of little pink collar who is only just under at 15oz. Bella keeps them fantastically clean and today I renewed their collars so they look fab. 

As you can see I need to replace their box as they are fast outgrowing it. They naturally sleep in a huddle all on top of one another, and panic and squeal if they find themselves on their own. They really are all in there!

I can see the very beginnings of curls in their coats and that there are more than four different shades of cream through to apricot (like Bella.) They are going to be so beautiful and grow into lovely dogs. I know that I 'm biased!

Thought you'd all enjoy this pic of Bella posing (and letting the pups get on with it!) A real doodle pose!

Another funny thing, my lovely daughter had us all in fits when she said "Don't disturb them, they're asleep." My son pointed out to her that ALL their eyes are closed at the moment, but that doesn't mean they're asleep! This time next week and they should have their eyes open. I'll get individual photos then. 

We are enjoying the sweet little noises they make and we take turns to sit and watch them. Great time wasters! They stretch and whimper, twitch and roll around, searching for their mum..... or their litter mates. So much fun to see and hear. 

Mind you I didn't appreciate being woken up by little Green collar squealing at 4am this morning! Bella needed to take a comfort break and left him on his own. It didn't take long to settle him and Bella was back within a minute anyway. She is a fab mum, really attentive and patient, and we do sit in the kitchen to keep her company; she occasionally joins us in the lounge but she has to check her precious babies are ok, so she doesn't settle. She stays with them even if they're asleep. She's still so affectionate to us (I must admit to being a little worried that her personality would change, but she IS OK.) Lovely Bella. Good times. 


  1. Loving the info and pictures Mary, you look like you are a natural!!
    so proud of you and Bella!!

    1. Thanks Jan, really am loving it, almost every moment! Even the middle of the night ones! Alan too, though he's not tempted to cuddle them quite as much as me.

  2. I am glad they have now opened there eyes, saves any confusion about whether they are asleep or not :) xx

    1. Only you, only you Doosie, only you. Green and Purple send their love.


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