Friday, 20 June 2014

Introducing........our new, gorgeous puppies!

4 days old already, time for the spotlight!

Introducing Mr Blue

Golden Chunky Wavy coat

Introducing Mr Red

Golden Smooth coat (like Bella)

Introducing Mr Yellow

Chocolate Brown Wavy coat

Introducing Mr Green

Curly coated Golden

Introducing Mrs Lime Green

Cream Smooth coat

Introducing Mr Orange

Cream Smooth / wavy coat
Introducing Mr Purple

Cream / Golden curly coat
Introducing Mrs White

Golden Curly coat

Introducing Mrs Black

Beautiful Curly Golden coat

Introducing Mr Brown

Gorgeous curly golden coat

Introducing Miss Pink

Petite feisty curly golden
Were they worth waiting for? Bella thinks so! And so do we!

Please comment on these pictures and let us know if anyone is out there.

Or email me, Mary, at

Introducing Mr Green


  1. Hello this is Alan, and I think the pups are beautiful but noisy!

  2. they are gorgeous

  3. Hi Mary, the puppies are absolutely gorgeous, and i think you should keep the chocy one. xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Not likely! My two gorgeous girls are more than enough for us. He is cute but I am not at all tempted to keep any of them. How did you find homes for all of yours considering they were a "surprise"?

    2. we advertised on a few internet sites where we found homes for 6 a freind has 1 i gave one to the wrighton family,a freind of a freind has two and one through doodlemania and as you know im keeping two.i didn't advertise untill they were 6 weeks old and didn't charge very much but thankfully they all have gone to lovely families that keep in touch it was all very frightening in a wonderful sort of way but never again xx

    3. i advertised on preloved and found 6 homes a freind has one her freind has two, two through doodlemania and im keeping two i also asked a realistic price because they needed homes and i didn't advertise until they were 6 weeks old, it was a scary ,wonderful experience but never again xxx

    4. Tamara it's the hardest part isn't it, vetting families, lots of people are keen but haven't really thought it through. I get extremely anxious. Such a responsibility. Alan enjoyed it all so much last year, and the families we chose then have been great at giving us updates. It is worth it, but scary! Thanks for your comments. Lovely to be in touch with you again Mary

  4. They are just gorgeous. Sadly we can't have one but we would love a cuddle when we are down your way in July. Love Leanne Pete Alana and Isabelle x

    1. Thanks Leanne, we are looking forward to seeing you all too. The pups need socialisation so your girls will be royally entertained. Thanks for your comments.


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