Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Here we go again! A second litter.

We took Bella to meet her beau this week, a round trip of 150 miles on Thursday and Saturday. If all is well we might expect a second litter of gorgeous F1b golden doodles around the 16th of June! We have had some beautiful photographs of many of the pups from our first litter and they have certainly grown into fab dogs. Maybe I'm biased.

Lenny (Lilac / Black collar)
Hettie (Orange collar)

Boris (Blue Collar)


Miss Turquoise didn't stay little for long...

 And nor did Sam (little green)
Woody (Purple)

Lottie! (Yellow collar)


As you can see.... a lovely bunch of doodles. Could they be known as a "scribble " of doodles? 

All the new owners report fun and antics pretty much all the way, and lots of love and laughter.

So peeps.... here we go again contact us on shirleygoldendoodles@gmail.com to go on the waiting list

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