Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Baby, his baby, Bella and her Puppies!

Sorry for the delay in posting it's been about 3 weeks, but I have been a little busy..... my granddaughter Charlotte made her appearance on the 14th of April. We shall call her Lottie and she is so-o beautiful.


I know I am biased but she is just so adorable and already has her daddy (my eldest son) wrapped around her little finger! And me of course! 

Ok that's enough baby and now I shall show you our litter from last year..... yes we've been in touch with all our puppy families on their birthday May 3rd. Can you believe that a whole year has passed! We have been rewarded with lovely, funny and exciting photos
and almost the same message comes across, that these dogs exude joy and have brought great happiness, that everyone they meet on walks asks about them and loves the bouncy friendliness of a golden doodle. I did warn everyone that we allow time on walks with our gorgeous doods for answering questions about our girls. Everyone asks "what are they?" and "where did you get them?" Who can resist one of these?

Those furry little bundles have changed a bit..

Lottie! (Yellow)
Little Bella(Turquoise)
Lenny (Lilac / Black)
Boris (Blue)
Sam (Green)
Finlay (Red)

                                                         Lily (Mrs White)


Hetty (Orange)

Lola (Pink)

What a transformation! They are now HUGE!

They still love cuddles and are thoroughly spoilt!
10 gorgeous puppies have grown into stunning dogs and 10 families have had their lives enriched by 

I am almost certain that Bella IS in pup, so watch this space.... another pic of that gorgeous baby? Did I hear you say that?

Oh all right then, you've twisted my arm...

                      Lottie, my pride and joy!

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