Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Four weeks and ready for anything!

Four weeks and ready for anything!

Well the word is out, the adverts have gone public and I'm sure the phone will start ringing. We have spent the last two weeks or so getting ourselves ready for the constant stream of visitors we expect if last year is anything to go by.
Bella and the pups have been busy, constantly nursing and cleaning up, and growing bigger each and every day.

From this on day 1 

Blind, deaf, smooth coated and helpless to this in just 4 weeks.....

Purple collar off to explore the world

There has been lots of fun on the way of course, from sleeping in the huddle

to... sleeping in the shade

to sleeping at our feet

to sleeping with Bella

and sleeping on the scales

Yup, a whole lot of sleeping, and eating. Not much else. We are just beginning to have to clean up after them now, but until now have had it easy.
Our gorgeous Bella has worked miracles and been such a fantastic mum. What a star! 

It's time to begin toilet training in earnest, after their feed of "puppy soup." Oh yes, our lives are about to get "busy, busy" in earnest. Wish us luck!

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