Thursday, 28 August 2014

A well earned holiday

Cornwall 2014 - Bella on tour!

First stop, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, near Mevagissey, Cornwall. Dogs are welcome! Water bowls and bins everywhere, even in the cafe. 

I had to laugh... my phone took this photograph all by itself! Bella, walking beside me, at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. She managed a whole day walking on the lead and we all enjoyed every moment. 

Here she is with Maya posing in the Italian Garden, they really were very calm all day long. The only place they didn't come was the new rope bridge across the jungle, only because they weren't allowed. 
I enjoyed the day at the Lost Gardens with the dogs, it was the first time we could stay as long as we wanted without worrying about them being on their own back at the cottage, or worse in the car. This really is the way forward for the tourist attractions in this country, if we are to spend more holidays (and pounds) at home in the future.

My sister is very generous allowing us to bring our doods down to her tiny cottage in Cornwall. We help out with odd jobs, but not enough to repay her kindness and hospitality. Bella and Maya love visiting her dog Gracie, a lovely golden retriever, and together the three of them love the beach. 

So, as you can see Bella has really been able to relax and enjoy herself with no puppies to worry about. 

We did plenty of country walks too but those aren't so easy to photograph as the dogs are never still with all those wonderful smells to investigate! I tried.

Anyway, so we've had a wonderful break from routine and now we're home. I am thrilled to report that many of our puppy families have contacted us to say how well their little ones have settled in their new homes. So all is well that ends well. 

I will still blog over at Art, Life and Doodles. See you there. 

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