Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Basket case? Or a bucket of frogs!

Basket case? Or a bucket of frogs!

The former definitely describes me - and as for the frogs....I'll let you all decide. This was last years litter
five boys, and five girls. 

I'm sure many of you are expecting the most amazing photos again of this year's litter. Well the teachers among you will know what I mean when I say, NOT "this year group!"

Well, make what you will of this....and you can't say we haven't tried.

Seven boys.... seven, and they are SO different from last year. Where we had gentle lads and lasses we now have HOOLIGANS.

Look out mums and dads, here they come!

So we tried a different approach, on the bench. Hmm

Well, even the girls were not much better. 

So we tried the individual approach, and tried to get them one at a time. And that as they say is where the trouble started. 

Dylan (brown collar) beautiful teddy bear coat, but not at all interested in the camera.

Zeus (orange) leader of the pack - into everything and so friendly.

Little Miss Pink - no name as yet, she is just adorable

Buddy (purple) is just going to be so cuddly, his coat is so thick and fleecy. 

Shamus, (green) so self contained, not shy but will wait to be cuddled, and his is the straightest coat. 

Sweet little Gertie (lime green) has a twinkle in her eye and is full of mischief!

Friendly, interested in everything we do, Otis (red) is lovely.

Beautiful Barney, (yellow) the darkest, curliest pup. 

Mylo (blue) is beautiful. so keen for cuddles and fun.

Hattie (black) is off to live by the sea in Guernsey. 

So you're thinking that's 10.... where is Margot?
Well, there is always one.... a right little madam, well not so little. She runs with the boys and WOULD NOT stay on the bench. 

This is all I could get, she must have jumped down 4 times and in the end I thought Alan would have to hold her - not that he minded, but it's not the photo I wanted. So here it is....

so, all eleven, as individuals. I looked away, picked up some poop, got on with stuff and then turned round...Margot, large as life sat on the bench!

butter would not melt!


  1. Hi Mary. So great to see them all - I was really laughing away. Can't wait to take Zeus home on the 17th. :)

  2. Laughed all the way through your blog, Mary. Can't wait to see Barney again on Saturday. Lee & Jo Taylor.


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