Sunday, 30 June 2013

A word, or two from the power behind the throne. Alan, COULD NOT have done it without you!

Thank you my darling Mary for sharing an amazing journey with me.  From the calming of Bella and feeling her release of Lottie on my feet it has been a life enriching passage of time, a magical hands-on experience.

    Bella has been an amazing mum, so proud of her and her sister Maya, the rock solid guardian of the peace,  we could all do with an auntie like that.  Well its all over just about, we have the last pup to cherish for a week and I understand she is now to be called Bella, nice tribute indeed and we have baby Bella to cuddle a little longer.  

We will travel with baby Bella to Yorkshire next week and introduce her to four of our grandchildren who have followed the puppies on line - no virtual reality then, the real thing! Then our little traveller crosses the Mid-Pennines and the Lancashire border to her new home and really eager owners,  Steve and Dawn,  no Wars of the Roses here,  just an emissary of love and family joy.

Thank you all you lovely people for sharing our pleasure, those who have followed Mary's blog and Facebook page and given her support, and especially the puppies owners.  Its been a real pleasure to welcome you into our home and meet your families. Please keep in touch , we have enjoyed your visits and Martin, Barbara and Nick please share your artwork with us on-line,  my fellow artists.

It has been hard work, that's for sure.  Mary tended to do the early morning stuff and I did plenty of poop scooping!  Big thanks to all the unsung heroes who filled in the gaps and our lovely Daisy who has cherished the puppies from day one as well as supplying a ton of newspaper through her pertinacity.  We love you girl and your brawd TJ who has lived through this day by day.  We have been enriched by this experience and truly hope each puppy has gone to a home where they will continue to bring joy. We've loved it! 

So bye Sam and Lola, Hettie and Finlay, Woody and Lenny, Lily, Boris and Lottie. Best of luck to you all, and last but not least baby Bella

Alan Jenkins

ps "Mary, what's our next adventure?"


  1. You can get Super Scrabble; twice as much fun.


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