Thursday, 6 June 2013

The world just gets bigger and bigger

Another gorgeous afternoon and this time we decided to take the pups outside......lovely for us all! It meant I could clean their pen out without their help, and they could see a bit more of this wonderful world. They LOVED exploring ..... of course with Bella out there too all they really wanted to do was suckle and poor Bella had to keep moving or she would have them all hanging, literally! 

After about 10 minutes we noticed one after another was finding a quiet place to lie down and go to sleep in. So cute. 

All in all we are so-o enjoying the pups, they change so quickly, from those first tentative steps to running full pelt around the patio in just a week and a half! 

And as you can see they are LOVED by the whole family. Their teeth are just emerging and we all know what that means! They are absolutely loving the puppy porridge now - less liquid and more to chew. It's so important that the puppies experience as much as possible from now so that they become confident in all things. So far so good...

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  1. Oh my they are soooo amazing, not hard to see why they are so loved!! :)
    Daisy x


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