Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The pups are spending almost all their waking moments outside!


Our garden is on different levels and for several days there was only one curious and able pup who found her way up, but it does look a long way down! Jumping is not advisable for young bones so I've been on my guard to lift brave Miss Orange back down. But now they're all finding their way up we opened up the steps to make it easier for them all - and safer!

Here they are getting to know the big doodles and being very brave....

Big Auntie Maya is actually a very gentle soul but she has a fierce warning bark if they should come too close, yet these fearless little doods come back again and again!

Hey it's a jungle out there!

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When the little pups get tired, I mean they are barely six weeks old, some just stop what they're doing and sleep right where they are.... see little Finlay here
whereas some of the others take themselves back indoors to their sleeping crate and curl up for a doze. Often there's one or two still play fighting long after all the others though! Boys will be boys!

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