Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wet Saturday morning walk!

MMMMMmmmm October already?  Just back from a long walk in the rain (over an hour) with the big dogs, all of us soaked through to the skin .... but refreshed and happy enough. I've got that smug 'got that over with' feeling, as I am a sucker for the doggy look saying "walk me please?" Nice warm shower for me and a rub down with a towel for the girls! Time for breakfast me thinks.... then no doubt it'll be time to start all over again with the pups. Still I would not change a thing, seems incredible that this time next Saturday we will be getting the pups ready to go to their new families. Aaaah!

Being a dog owner isn't all about walks in the sunshine... it is about damp smelly dogs who get your floors (and walls) dirty as they come in from the garden. It's about going out in all weathers .... and you should treat it as an adventure and the dogs right to exercise and stimulation rather than a chore so they go to the loo. I loved this morning in the rain, admittedly with the wind at my back. I discovered a new meadow flower I hadn't seen before, heard a woodpecker and watched young robins on the path in front of me. Bella and Maya had an amazing time bouncing through the meadow grass, getting soaked through and pouncing on each other like puppies themselves. Yes I could have had an extra hour in bed, but I would have missed so much. The dogs are all sleeping now, and my skin feels great after the rain.

I will put up some more puppy pics from the last few days when I have time. Now it's time for my shower!

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