Sunday, 2 June 2013

Here's what the puppies are up to on this lazy sunday afternoon! Sleeping! All except little miss Turquoise!
Look out for Mr Blue in the back corner in true doodle pose. 

As you can see we have extended the pen and attached the crate so they can sleep there and play in the pen. Hopefully if new families choose to crate train their pups then at least they will be used to it already. (I thoroughly recommend using a crate with small puppies.)

The little ones are already leaving the sleep area to empty their bowels, and most of them urinate on the paper too. I love watching them try to balance on their back legs in "straining pose" and how the other pups show no respect and play fight all around them, often knocking them off balance. I now spend much of my time poop scooping and scouring the neighbourhood asking for old newspapers!

Each one of the little tykes now weighs over 3lb! The biggest pup at birth is still the biggest, Lilac collar male and he is half an ounce off 4lb. They are all eating the puppy soup well and even sipping water from a bowl too. Bella asks to go in with the pups 4 or 5 times a day but is spending her nights back in her own bed. They are all growing up. So soon...

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